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Jessie's Story...

Jessie had been searching for fulfillment all of her life without much success. She was never able to truly find happiness, even with her degree, career and home. Eventually, she lost everything to a drug addiction. “I was losing hope and even my will to live at times,” she shares.  


Homeless and hungry, Jessie spent the last of her change on something to eat and drink. It was cold outside and she had no idea where she would be sleeping that night or when her next meal would be. “I had nowhere to go and thought I’d end up having to just walk around the streets all night. But then someone told me about the Mission.”

“I never imagined I could feel so much joy, yet have absolutely nothing."

Jessie called the Mission and was able to get the food, shelter, and care she desperately needed. “I was moved by the caring and supportive people at the Mission. I felt safe.” Although she was grateful for a warm bed and shelter, it was a conversation with the Women’s Ministry Director, Karen Jameson, that changed her life.

“Karen asked me if I believed I was going to Heaven. I told her that I didn’t think I was worthy of Heaven. She prayed with me and I accepted Jesus into my heart.” From that moment on, Jessie’s life was transformed. Through a relationship with Jesus, she discovered a sense of peace and fulfillment she had never felt before. “I never imagined I could feel so much joy, yet have absolutely nothing.”