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Tricia's Story...

Unfortunate life circumstances, tragedies, and addiction led Tricia on a path that eventually left her homeless and broken. “I had nowhere to go until someone told me about the Mission. I figured this would just be some temporary shelter until I could find housing,” shares Tricia.


Tricia was thankful for the safe, comfortable shelter and care she received upon arrival to Hope Place, the Mission’s shelter for homeless women and women with children. But it was morning devotions that truly made an eternal impact on Tricia’s life. “I gave my life over to Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I never would’ve known what it meant to have a relationship with God if it wasn’t for the Mission.”

“I have a sense of peace and trust God's plan for my life."

Tricia joined the Mission’s long term program for women called Jesus First. She is focused on taking classes where she learns more about the Bible, grows in her faith, and is ultimately healing from her past. “I feel like there is new life inside of me. There’s this all over peace and calm.”


The road to physical and spiritual recovery is a journey and Tricia is grateful to have support along the way. She enjoys fellowship with staff, volunteers, and other women in the program. “We all help each other with our studies and we pray for each other. Prayer really does work!”


Tricia has already noticed many changes in her personality since giving her life to Christ. “Now I’m always smiling. I have confidence and strength I never had before. I used to feel worthless, like I was nobody. But now I find my identity in Him. He is molding me into who I am meant to be. I trust Him and His plan for my life.”